C-Dorys on the Wefing's Marine lot.

C-Dory Marine Group boats lined up on the lot at Wefing's Marine

"I have always found C-Dorys to be rugged and practical, simple and sensible. . . Much of C-Dory's appeal comes from its traditional salty styling, but owners also appreciate its basic, rugged construction." - Trailer Boats Magazine
"If you're in the market for a shallow-draft, stable boat that can handle a sea and provide shelter from the weather, we think the C-Dory, especially the cruising version, deserves a second look." - Powerboat Reports

CDory is such a fantastic boat that it has generated a sort of "cult" amongst the owners of these boats. They frequent a site online known as the C-Brats. Wefing's Marine welcomes any members of this group to stop by when they are in the area and share some of their C-Dory tales and boating stories with us. We also invite any of them to join our forums and post to them, sharing their knowledge and love for C-Dory Boats.

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