C-Hawk Boats

Twenty-eight years ago, with the manufacture of their very first hull, C-Hawk launched what has become a long and storied history in the marine industry.

Over these twenty-eight years, as the majority of existing boat manufacturers moved to serve the ever increasing plaeasure boat market, C-Hawk, by contrast, recognized and targeted the needs of the commercial waterman.

Being aware that their product would be tested in the harshest of environments, their goals were, as they remain today, to handcraft every hull, assuring quality and customer satisfaction second to none.

With demand soon outgrowing production, C-Hawk, unlike many manufacturers, resisted the call to "mass produce". Instead, in keeping with their initial goals, they settled into a pattern of deliberate and controlled growth.

Today, having developed a complete line of center consoles, cuddies and pilot houses from sixteen to twenty-nine feet, this philosophy has allowed C-Hawk to become the most trusted name in the sport, utility, commercial and government market places.

With unparalleled quality, package pricing, dealer support, and outstanding engine choices, the folks at C-Hawk (and Wefing's Marine) now invite you to "Join the C-Hawk Family".

For more information about C-Hawks, call or come see Charlie or Marc at Wefing's Marine.

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